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At Ultimate Detox Solutions clinic we are experts at detoxification.

We find out the cause of your problem and get you well.

From this toxins and problems in the body are identified and treated as well as all your organs.

Colonic Hyrotherapy ( closed method) may be part of your detox programme.

We also teach Indian Head massage and have offered accredited courses for over 13 years.

We guarantee you satisfaction or will give you a full refund.

Meet The Team

Michèle Wolff

Michèle Wolff

Owner and Senior Practitioner

Michèle Wolff is senior practitioner and owner of Ultimate detox solutions. She has been working as a Naturopath since 2001 and has a Bachelor of Health Science degree in Naturopathy, and a Diploma in Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. Michèle has been a Registered Nurse since 1987 and a Colonic hydrotherapist ( closed method) since 1992. She has also practiced, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Aromatherapy since 1992.

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Michèle runs classes in Hypnobirthing to help women birth easily and comfortably. She also runs courses in Indian head Massage and teacher training courses in Indian Head Massage. Michèle teaches health professionals Colonic Hydrotherapy. Michele pioneered closed Colonics and Indian Head Massage when she came to Australia from London in 1992. Michèle has organised International conferences, bringing Gabriel Mojay, Aromatherapist and others to Australia.

Michèle’s passion in Natural medicine has led her to do extensive studies in the field of Detoxification and stomach and bowel problems. She is author of ‘Digestive Solutions-101 proven methods to solve your tummy problems naturally“. Michèle has lived for a year in New Zealand and taught massage at Dunedin University and Wanaka and worked with an Osteopath in the stunning ski fields of Wanaka.

Michèle is highly skilled, bringing together her studies in western medicine and natural medicine, she treats a wide range of issues and treats each person as an individual. Michèle enjoys seeing people reach peak health and educates people on how to live a long, healthy and productive lives. She is very enthusiastic about natural medicine and enjoys seeing how much happier people’s lives are when they are well “I am grateful to be in such a positive profession where I can make a difference, helping people heal naturally”

Michèle has a passion for Food as Medicine and applies it to her own life. She has been teaching it to Naturopathic students for years and educates her own clients “You are what you eat, assimilate and eliminate. The digestion is key to many other health problems as what we absorb and eliminate affects all other organs” I have seen the extraordinary impact diet has both negatively and positively and I am passionate about changing the way communities eat and think about food. It’s my desire to reach people globally by educating them with my book and talks and introducing them to others who can also educate them and have the same passion as me. When enough people make positive choices the food industry will change”

“I find my work deeply satisfying and rewarding. I have a wide range of experience in particular: Irritable Bowel, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, crohns disease, ulcerative colitis, candida, allergies, parasites, malabsorption, bloating, heavy metal and other toxicity and reflux.”

Michele educates people on how to make gradual changes to their lifestyles to improve their wellbeing and big changes if they are ready for it!

Stress and how you deal with stress can impact your health (particularly the gut) and in most health problems stress plays a contributing part. Michèle helps people manage stress through naturopathy, relaxation techniques and hypnosis. Michèle also networks with a wide range of health professionals to help people if they need treatment outside of her skills. Michèle continues her professional development and regularly attends nutritional and herbal seminars to keep up to date with the latest research. Michèle has worked for several years as a Naturopathic supervisor and lecturer in Food as medicine to naturopathic and nutritional students at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine. Michèle is a member of Australian Colon Health Association, Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Australian Natural Therapists Association and National Herbalist Association Australia.

Kathleen O'Brien

Kathleen O'Brien

Naturopath and Colonic Hydrotherapist

Kathleen is a nutritionist, herbalist (Naturopath) and colonic hydrotherapist.

Kathleen believes a healthy body and mind is the basis of a happy and fulfilling life. When we feel good, we thrive and can reach our full potential to live our best life.

As your Naturopath Kathleen will support and guide you through your health journey in regaining total health and focus on empowering you through education. Kathleen will tailor individual treatments for each client based on their presenting condition and circumstances. Treatment can include diet and lifestyle advice, herbal and nutritional supplementation and homeopathics.

Through personal experience with her own health journey, Kathleen has developed a keen sense of empathy and compassion and brings this to each consultation. When diagnosed as a coeliac, Kathleen was experiencing an array of digestive symptoms, food allergies and severe eczema. Through Naturopathy Kathleen was able to reduce her food allergies, eczema and digestive issues.

Kathleen is open, calm and patient and wants her clients to feel valued and leave feeling uplifted. She has dedicated the last 6 years to working with Michele at Ultimate Detox Solutions and is excited to continue working at the clinic.

While Kathleen enjoys taking on anyone seeking to regain health, she has a particular interest in the following:

  • Digestive complaints: Coeliac disease, IBS, IBD, gastritis, reflux, SIBO, parasites
  • Mental health: anxiety, stress management, sleep issues
  • Fatigue: general fatigue, burn-out
  • Immune problems: Frequent colds and flus, tonsillitis, respiratory conditions
  • Students: Sleep, memory, concentration, immunity and stress support for students)
  • Diet and lifestyle: especially the use of food as medicine
  • Pre and post travel advice
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After raising three children she is delighted to now be able to give time to helping others in their healing journey.

Rochelle knows from her own experience how poor diet, stress and relentless worry compromise your whole digestive system resulting in pain, dysfunction and toxicity.

Through colonic hydrotherapy, Rochelle is confident that it helps to restore natural functions and flushes harmful toxins out of the body. She feels fortunate to be part of Michele’s team and part of our client’s healing journey, and brings a strong and generous spirit to the team at Ultimate Detox Solutions. Clients respond to her intuition, wisdom from life experiences and her kind cheery manner.

Chali Harding

Chali Harding

Colonic Hydrotherapist

Chali is a colonic hypdrotherapist, yoga teacher and has worked as a food coach. She is gentle and compassionate and gives great service.

Chali discovered yoga over 20 years ago, and instantly realised how powerful and healing this practise is.  She has continued to explore and deepen her practise, and has travelled the world practising yoga.

Chali is passionate and sensitive and a skilled whole food chef, holistic lifestyle coach and mother, who walks her talk. With over 12 years experience, and extensive training, in holistic naturopathic therapies, Chali weaves her holistic approach to health and wellbeing into her teaching.  Chali is an eternal student who is always looking for ways to grow and evolve on her own personal journey and she has an innate desire to support, teach and inspire other people on their own journey to wellness and harmony.

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