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How Toxic Are You

How toxic are you? You might be surprised…

We are all subject to toxins in the modern world.

A few examples of toxic sources are:- environmental toxins, off gassing from building materials and new cars, dioxins and xenoestrogens from plastics, cleaning products, cosmetics, additives colours and preservatives in foods, pesticides and herbicides from farming.

Toxic build up results in a variety of diseases and feelings of being unwell.

A person can also feel well and have a degree of toxic build up. It is therefore important to prevent illness as well as treat it.  Most people I test have elevated levels of toxic metals and other harmful substances. Mercury from dental amalgam is the most common heavy metal, followed by lead, arsenic, aluminium, cadmium, tin and others.

Please don’t brush this aside thinking that you couldn’t possibly be a candidate for heavy metal toxicity.

Some of the worst heavy metal burdens are found in individuals who say they can’t imagine where all that toxic metal came from. This discovery is especially shocking to those people whose tests from mainstream doctors come back negative. There is a simple explanation. The testing is not done for certain toxins, and blood tests for identifying heavy metals are virtually useless unless there is an acute exposure.

Toxic metals…

are rapidly cleared from the bloodstream so they won’t continue to circulate and damage cells over and over again. Our bodies were designed to excrete tiny amounts of heavy metals through the kidneys, liver and bowel, but they cannot cope with the enormous amounts generated by the modern world.

When those large amounts cannot be excreted they are rapidly taken out of the bloodstream into the tissues, fat cells, brain and lymphatic tissue.

It is this build up of heavy metals that is so harmful to the body.

Anywhere toxic metals are deposited, your cells, tissue and organ function are impaired.

Heavy metals also displace minerals and good metals like iron and zinc. This can result in poor cellular function in key areas of the body. The following study published in the Journal of Neurology clearly illustrates this point.

Almost 1,000 community living adults between 50 and 70 years old had multiple measures of cognitive function and measurements of both blood and tibial lead. The researchers found that higher tibial lead was linked with worse cognitive function. On the other hand, blood lead was not associated with any aspect of cognitive function. The researchers concluded that cumulative doses of lead that have been stored away in the body could have persistent effects on cognitive decline. It also seems that earlier exposures to lead may account for a portion of cognitive decline that had previously been attributed with age. Although this study focuses on lead, the same principles apply to any toxic metal exposure. What’s stored away for years in the tissues is what’s going to cause problems. Not what has happened in the last few months.

A test you can rely on.

Using samples of hair, heavy metals and mineral levels can clearly be detected. Different nutritional, dietary and chelating programs are given to individuals to clear the toxic metals and bring the body back into balance. When people have therapy for toxic metals the majority of them feel a significant improvement in both specific symptoms and overall health.

RBTI Testing

Do you want to be Free from fatigue, aches and pains? Free from excess weight, anxiety or depression? Free from upset stomach, nausea, reflux and bloating? Have your children free from hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders?

Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) can help on many levels.

Have you ever considered that if you or any members of your family doesn’t have good health then there are some things that you or they don’t know?

Your body is a wonderful self healing mechanism that works in accordance with the dynamic laws of nature.

It is meant to be healthy. If your body is suffering from symptoms then you are going against the laws of nature. Learn what you can do differently to give your body what it actually needs.

RBTI analysis can help you understand what is not working.

All symptoms and disease are warning signs that something that you are doing, have done, or haven’t done, is upsetting your body causing those symptoms.

For decades naturopaths have been using diet, supplements, herbs, homeopathics and other methods of assistance to help people back to health. RBTI analysis is a natural health tool that I use as a detox specialist to help your body back to optimal health and wellness. Many symptoms can be easily and quickly relieved by the information gained through RBTI analysis. We are able to assess whether you are digesting and assimilating your food. We get an understanding of the pressures that your body is under and understand what needs to be done to rebalance your health and energy. We look for many factors, including the pH of the body, oxygen levels, and where the greatest amount of stress is held in the body.

How does RBTI Analysis work?

It is a unique series of tests carried out on specimens of urine and saliva. The information gained from these tests enable health practitioners to monitor very complex body functions.

Total carbohydrates in the urine are measured. This tells us how well the body is handling carbohydrate foods. Efficient digestion and utilization of carbohydrates is needed to maintain steady consistent energy. Any variation from ideal may indicate difficulty with holding optimal blood sugar balance. Fatigue, cravings, poor dietary control and nerve related symptoms such as anxiety, depression and addictions can then result. We check the pH of the urine and saliva. This indicates which of the calciums your body may be lacking. Next to water, calcium is the element most needed by the body. Amongst other roles, having the right balance of calciums will aid the production of enzymes necessary for digestion and assimilation of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Correcting imbalances can help calm the body and mind and enable you to cope with stress more easily. It can also stop growing pains in children and assist them in their ability to concentrate.  Just like a plant, we need the correct “soil” for healthy growth. In our case, rather than soil, we need a healthy diet that is correct for our bodily needs and the right acid/alkaline balance. We need an efficient waste disposal system and good digestion and assimilation to absorb the nutrients from our food and supplements efficiently.

As soon as I started taking Klonopin, I felt sleepy most of the day. After four days of such a nightmare, I decided to give up treatment and took the last pill. In the morning, however, I didn’t feel drowsy anymore, and my wife persuaded me to continue. I’m so grateful to her! Now I feel great. Anxiety is almost gone, and so are the side effects.

RBTI Analysis accurately assesses how your body is functioning.

Depending on your individual biochemistry as measured by RBTI Analysis the steps recommended may include some or all of the following:

  • Modifying your diet to eliminate or reduce dietary stress factors. This generally means eating more in line with the true needs of your body. You will be advised further on this in follow up consultations. In my experience eating that is overloading your body or causing disharmony is one major cause of symptoms.
  • Improving your digestion with the use of protein digestive supplements and digestive plant enzymes. These are often important to protect your body from further overloading and to take pressure off your liver and pancreas.
  • Improving your immune function. A strong healthy immune system is your body’s first line of defense against organisms that could harm your body. Emotional issues, or too much stress, can be a major cause of a weakened immune function. Correcting imbalances may involve changes of diet and supplementary assistance as well as learning new ways to deal with stress. All factors need to be taken into account when dealing with your health.
  • Supporting your endocrine system for correct hormonal balance. Your hormonal system is dependant on the functioning of the liver as well as the functioning of your hormonal glands. Without correcting liver imbalances it is often difficult to bring your hormonal system into balance. Your pH as measured by RBTI Analysis is a good indication of how your liver is functioning.

What If I already have a Practitioner?

RBTI Analysis is complimentary to any other natural health practice. We will gladly work with any practitioner to help you improve your health and wellness. We will happily send a copy of the RBTI Analysis Report to your current practitioner at your request. We hope you are now on your way to fantastic health. Understandably we all want to be well. We want it yesterday and we want it to stay that way forever!

Realising that it took a long time for toxins to deposit in the body is important. For example, if someone is diagnosed with diabetes, it is important to understand it didn’t happen overnight, it may have taken up to thirty years to accumulate these toxins and imbalances before the symptoms became apparent and constant. It didn’t just happen yesterday.  We know it is hard sometimes, when offered something you may ‘love’ like a cup of coffee or a piece of cake, we all have been down the same road, but the benefits of truly great health are worth all that hard work, and occasionally saying ‘no’.

I know from personal experience and from talking to many of my clients, that all that hard work and changes to ones lifestyle does pay off.

How can you put a price on health?

Remembering once again, if you want wellness…it does not end, it is your lifetime commitment to yourself and no one else. We are here to guide, support and encourage you through this minefield of ‘Improving Wellness’.

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