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This is a testimonial for anyone wanting to change their lives by improving their overall health and increasing their energy levels.

Michele Wolff is an extremely knowledgeable, experienced, caring and sincere naturopath, as well as a registered nurse and author of a very helpful book called Digestive Solutions. She is intuitive and skilled in the gentle art of colonics.

If you are committed to improving your health, I know from personal experience that Michele at Ultimate Detox Solutions can really empower you to feel “10 years younger”, as the sign at the centre says.

My name is Geoff Birse. I love my work as the owner of a tree lopping and tree surgery business. I was feeling very lethargic and run down when I started seeing Michele in about October 23013. I suffered from IBS and often experienced an urgent, and sometimes embarrassing need to visit the loo. I felt tired and drained most days and found it increasingly difficult to sustain the energy to successfully complete a full days’ work.

After taking about 6 weeks of naturopathic supplements carefully chosen by Michele, following her advice as well as I could and seeing her for 5 or 6 colonic sessions, my IBS completely disappeared. My bowel movements are now regular and I no longer have any diarrhoea or constipation. I really feel great now and have my energy back. My friends and family have mentioned that I look much younger and healthier. My gut has disappeared and they say my face has a healthy, much younger look. I have regained my enthusiasm for life and feel I can keep working at least until 65 or even 70. I am happy to see Michele regularly to maintain my health.

Thank you so much, Michele. I wouldn’t have thought in my wildest dreams that I could feel this good again and I am more than happy to recommend Ultimate Detox Solutions to anyone with stomach or bowel problems. Please don’t hesitate to encourage any potential clients to contact me by email at

Thanks again,

Geoff Birse (Geoff The Tree Man)
A Very Satisfied Customer.
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Hormonal and skin problems



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