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Ultimate Detox Solutions Newsletter Archive

July 2018 – Get firing all all cylinders again – winter cleanse offer

June 2018 – S.A.D syndrome, Biomat and Bioptron

March 2018 – How is your digestive system?

May 2017 – Why detoxify and what are the challenges?

March 2017 – Colonic Special + Welcome Chali

January 2017 – Free Radicals and Antioxidants

December 2016 – Christmas + Chocolate balls recipe

October 2016 – 7 Ways to Reduce Blood Pressure

September 2016 – Beat the Onslaught of Allergies and Hayfever

August 2016 – 8 Common Causes of Digestive Issues

July 2016 – You don’t have 1 brain – you have 2!

June 2016 – Do anti-depressants work?

May 2016 – Fermented Foods, Re-educating the Bowel Program and Mindfulness Meditation

April 2016 – Is Toxicity the Reason You Feel Unwell

March 2016 – What Are Free Radicals and Antioxidants?

February 2016 – Meet Your Digestive System

June 2015 – Why Lemons? 

May 2015 – Balancing Acid and Alkaline to help your gut

April 2015 – Hemp Seeds – the Superfood of the Future

March 2015 – Why You Need Vitamin D

February 2015 – Stress Less = Less Stress

January 2015- Good and bad bugs explained

December 2014- How to lesson the impact of X-mas parties

September 2014- Eye Health

August 2014- How Healthy Is Your Liver?

June 2014-Are You Suffering From Low Energy?

May 2014- The Ins and Outs of Digestion

April 2014- Healthy Easter Treats

February 2014- Food as Medicine

January 2014- Whats new at Ultimate Detox

December 2013- How to Relax Over Christmas

November 2013- Christmas Specials and Gift ideas

October 2013- The Common Fungus behind 30+ Health Problems

September 2013- Attitude

August 2013- Spring Detox

July 2013-Need More Energy

June 2013-Electromagnetic Radiation

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