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Bioptron Colour Light Therapy

Bioptron colour light therapy

Bioptron Light is a medical device that is utilised in hospitals and clinics around the world to assist with wound healing and pain relief.  Bioptron is manufactured in Switzerland and sets the worldwide standard for innovation in light therapy. This high quality technology comes with a polychromatic filter + 7 individual colour filters: Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, with each colour frequency corresponding to the frequency of the 7 main body chakras.

Just like plants need sunlight and water to thrive so does the body need certain wavelengths for optimum health.  The body has the ability to absorb light and use it as a source of energy to stimulate cellular regeneration.  When the body receives the correct wavelengths of light some pretty startling things occur.

In fact, when ill health raises its head you can be sure that one or more energy centre (chakra) of the body is out of balance. By rebalancing the energy centre and realigning with the other energy centres -health is restored. The wavelengths (colours) in Bioptron stimulate and accelerate the cell’s production of substances the body uses in its own self rejuvenating system. This allows the body to rejuvenate itself faster and more effectively.

The specially built mirror in the Bioptron devices ensures that the light waves leaving the Bioptron are all traveling parallel to one another – just like in laser light. However since the light is polychromatic, or all-coloured, it contains all the wavelengths of visible light. This means that unlike a laser the Bioptron emits full spectrum light. This property prevents addition or subtraction of the energy contained in the light because practically none of the crests and troughs overlap which also gives the light its incoherent property. Because of this the Bioptron light is a gentle form of therapy with constant energy and power.

My 6-year-old son was diagnosed with ADHD last year. We started treatment with psychotherapy, but the response was weak. About two months ago, his doctor recommended the therapy with Adderall, and we agreed. Now I feel like I have a different child. He is calmer, more concentrated, and motivated. I couldn’t ask for more

Natural light does not have this property because it is affected by day and night rhythms and the seasons. The Bioptron light spectrum contains no UV light and a very small portion of infra-red radiation which helps the polarised visible light penetrate deeper (2.5cm, depending on exposure time) into our body. Visible light from the sun would not go as deep.

Bioptron colour light therapy

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