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When you go to your doctor and complain of pain and burning in your solar plexus, and he recommends Zantac or Tagamet for an ulcer, ask him what he thinks about the ‘theory’ that this condition is caused by an infection. If he gives you the old doctor-shrug, decline his prescriptions, pay him for his time, and come and see us and have a helicobacter pylori test!

 Helicobacter is a genus of spiral bacteria that amazingly are able to survive the severe acidity of the stomach. We have known of the existence of such bacteria since 1889 but it wasn’t until nearly 100 years later that the significance of these bacteria was realised.


Helicobacter under the microscope!

Until the 1980’s, stomach ulcers were treated with an assortment of antacids with the idea that excess acid had caused the ulcer. In fact, most stomach and duodenal ulcers of humans stem from infection with Helicobacter bacteria. 

Helicobacter survives the extreme acidity of the stomach by using enzymes to create its own layer of protective bicarbonate. This little “safety suit” allows the bacteria to burrow into the stomach’s mucus layer. Its presence generates inflammation in the stomach tissue.
Many patients are colonized by Helicobacter and do not develop symptoms; however, if Helicobacter penetrates deeply enough, it will bind to the mucus secreting cells of the stomach disrupting their ability to produce normal mucus.

Ultimately, the mucus lining is disrupted, stomach acid gains access to the stomach tissue, and burning results. Ulcers are thus formed. Making matters worse, Helicobacter organisms are able to stimulate extra acid secretion by the stomach tissue. More burning and more ulcers result and soon the patient is experiencing pain, nausea and/or vomiting.

 H. pylori infection is most likely acquired by ingesting contaminated food and water and through person to person contact. In the United States, 30% of the adult population is infected. (50% of infected persons are infected by the age of 60.)

The infection is more common in crowded living conditions with poor sanitation. In countries with poor sanitation, 90% of the adult population can be infected.

 If you have a chronic infection with H. pylori, it weakens the natural defences of the lining of the stomach against the ulcerating action of acid and can cause severe health problems.

 If you are experiencing a burning feeling in the stomach, have a history of ulcers or want to find out whether you have an ulcer, it can’t hurt to test for H. pylori and it can be treated effectively with herbs!

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