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Alot of people have asked me about coffee enemas.

So what do they do?

Coffee enemas work exceedingly well to overcome the inflammatory aches and pains of arthritis, cancer and other painful body degenerations. People with cancer find it amazing for pain relief. The action of coffee rectally is very different from oral ingestion. Coffee enemas work exceedingly well in detoxifying the liver by the removal of body waste thereby beginning the process of reversing cancer and other disease. They are a way to remove circulating toxins and partial metabolites by dilating bile ducts and cleansing the liver.

Dr. Gerson believed that the liver is our most important organ for maintaining the body’s biochemistry for health as well as overcoming degenerative diseases, cancer in particular. Dr. Gerson further found that the cellular systems and body tissues also excreted waste products accumulated over many years from the taking in of:

  • Poor air
  • Bad water
  • Food additives and chemicals
  • Viruses
  • Germs
  • And other toxic items

In order not to overload the liver which filters these poisons out of the blood, he found a way to open the bile duct and help the liver release the body’s accumulated poisons by means of his renowned coffee enemas.

We have enemas in the clinic if you are interested in knowing more please contact us 9584 7327. We also test for toxins and do various detoxifying programs.

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