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Iodine in food important for thyroid and the foetus

Part of the reason why iodine deficiency is a problem in developed nations as well as developing nations is the fact that the highest concentrations of iodine in the food chain are marine-based.

Interestingly, seaweeds near coral reefs have an inherent capacity to concentrate iodine and hence the reef fish that feed on this seaweed are also rich in iodine, so it flows through the food chain.
Seaweed from your health shop is an excellent source.

Iodine is found in foods and many supplements in the inorganic iodide form and is easily absorbed in the stomach and small intestine. Certain foods can act to block the functioning of iodine. Goitrogens are one such food component and can act to block the synthesis of thyroid hormones through blocking the correct binding of iodine. Food containing goitrogens include the brassica vegies, such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Foods such as sweet potato and maize contain cyanoglucosides, which can block the uptake of iodine to the thyroid. These are all healthy foods and should not to be removed from a general healthy diet but are of particular interest for people with known thyroid disorders such as hypothyroidism.

The thyroid link

Iodine is actually a trace element (meaning it is needed in very small amounts) and was one of the first trace elements found to be essential for optimal health. Being a component of thyroid hormones, iodine plays a role in normal growth and development of the central nervous system, energy production and metabolic rate.


Maintaining optimal iodine levels throughout pregnancy is imperative for healthy development of the foetus. We now know

Australian studies have found that approximately half of pregnant women in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania are iodine-deficient.

Taking iodine
We test iodine levels and prescribe liquid iodine accordingly

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