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How does a thin person think?

People who live in the world of fat believe they are fat. Thus, they overeat and produce overweight bodies. People who live in the world of thin believe they are thin. Thus, they eat as a think person and the produce thin bodies. An important aspect of being thin is to change the belief from: “I am fat” to the belief “I am thin”. The way to do this is to use affirmations and to change any fat thinking and behaviour, so that all of your thoughts and actions are in the world of thin.


Thin people don’t have scales, weight loss books, diet cookbooks, food scales, calorie counters, and diet foods.

What are characteristics of a thin person?

  • Picky eaters
  • Liberated from food issues
  • Don’t do preventative eating 
  • Seldom, if ever, weigh themselves
  • Don’t know about diets
  • Don’t eat diet food
  • Refuse food easily
  • Don’t overeat
  • Can manage waiting for meals
  • Enjoy food
  • Can throw food away
  • Don’t sneak food
  • Can watch others eat and not eat themselves
  • Separate stress from eating 
  • Their clothes fit
  • Can buy investment items
  • Eat when hungry
  • Are not afraid of food or of eating
  • Are not afraid of gaining weight

What are the ideal conditions of thin eating?

  • Only eat when hungry
  • Reduce the number of distractions
  • Eat only when sitting
  • Eat only when relaxed (Relax to eat, don’t eat to relax)
  • Eat only appealing foods
  • When eating, consciously focus on the food
  • Eat slowly
  • Stop before I AM full. 

How do I know when I am full?


Putting it all together


1. Record all you eat and drink, except water, for 3 months. Record: beginning hunger number, item, amount, ending hunger number.                      

2. Throw away everything you have in your home that a THIN person would not owns including diet cookbooks, fat gram and calorie counters, food scales, bathroom scales, diet food, low-cal food, low-fat food.

3. Tell your body that you love, appreciate and enjoy it.

4. Use the following affirmation: ” 1, ______________________ , AM now a   THIN person. l weigh _________ kgs and I do what THIN people do.’

Write this every day in your diary.           

5. Follow the Ideal Conditions for THIN Eating.

6. Do a minimum of 15 minutes body movement every day.

7. Do one loving thing for your body every day.

8. Write a goodbye letter to your fat self.

9. Spend time every day in the feeling of being THIN

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