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Consider better options to avoid additives, preservatives, pesticides and other nasties.
Canned and frozen foods lock in pesticides and preservatives in orange juice often cause asthma.
Norway sets a great example and does not allow any colourings in food. Similarly Jordan only allow additives if they are proved to be harmless.
Choose foods for your kids that have less ingredients , especially when it comes to additives. Have you read the label on the popular Chocolate Paddle Pops? They contain artificial chemicals that cause cancer, hyperactivity and asthma. There are 10 colours in a Chocolate Paddle Pop. Just start looking for less of those harmful ingredients; like banana Paddle Pops which just have 2 colours and are a safer option. Avoid ice-cream that has 407 in it for smooth texture. it’s a harmful gum.
Tim Tams are actually illegal in America because of toxic dyes that are harmful to the body. If you get the home-brand variety they don’t use and colours just good old cocoa.
In schools where colours have been removed from children’s diets test scores went up by 4% within a week. When they also removed neurotoxins 320 and 321 scores went up by 8%, behaviour problems and aggression dramatically dropped.
Out of the most common 35 preservatives 24 are linked to asthma and respiratory problems, 13 cause hyperactivity and 15 cause skin problems.
Better still,k2556380 stick to wholesome natural foods that are organic or at least free range and learn to cook healthy alternatives.

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