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By Michèle Wolff B.H.Sc Naturopathy, Dip. Colonics and Author of ‘Digestive Solutions’

A healthy digestive system is key to optimum health, so it’s important to be aware of signals that may arise if you eat foods that play havoc with your general well-being. The emotional distress that people go through because of common digestive problems can be easily avoided by eating the right foods and eliminating the harmful ones. And while this may be a great challenge for some, there are many easy and practical solutions to solve digestive issues by making simple, daily changes.

If you suffer from indigestion and bloating, try some of these valuable tips for solving tummy problems naturally:

  1. Eat foods that are easy to digest. Put it this way, if you overload your washing machine with bulky fabrics, it puts a massive strain on the machine and can even lead to damage. The same goes for your stomach – your body uses an abundance of energy to digest food, so eat easy-to-digest foods, such as green leafy vegetables, and add lemon to meat when cooking to aid digestion.
  1. Eat at regular meal times. Your body loves routine, so eating similar food groups at similar times each day has a great regulating effect on your digestive system. This will help regulate your bowel movements and even limit your cravings. Your digestive system also becomes weaker at night so you should avoid eating after 7pm to give your body time to rest and revive.
  1. Chew your food! With our busy schedules it is understandable that mealtimes are often rushed. Even if you have limited time to eat you need to make a conscious effort to relax during your mealtime and most importantly – remember to chew your food thoroughly. Digestion actually begins in your mouth from the very first chew, so avoid bolting down your food and help make your stomach’s job easier.
  1. Drink warm/hot liquids. Cold liquids can slow down digestive enzymes, so choose warm or hot drinks – even room temperature water is better than water from the fridge. Drinking with your meal can dilute your digestive juices and put a strain on the entire digestive process, so make an effort to avoid drinking with your food, especially caffeine, alcohol and soft drinks.
  1. Take a walk after eating. The digestive system uses up a lot of our energy, so it is not unusual that all we want to do after eating a big meal is lie down. Instead of getting settled into the couch, take a gentle 15-minute walk 15-45 minutes after eating. This will kick-start your digestive system and raise the production of digestive enzymes, leading to easier digestion and alleviating any abdominal discomfort.

Michèle Wolff is a leading health practitioner and a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and nurse. Her new book ‘Digestive Solutions – 101 Proven Methods to Solve Your Tummy Problems Naturally’ is available from bookstores and good online booksellers.

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