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We live in a toxic world with over 84000 registered chemicals, toxins in our food, toxins from electromagnetic radiation, plastics, building materials and more. Its hard to avoid them but its good to know how you can reduce them and help eliminate them from your body to help you live a healthy, long, productive life. A lot of ageing problems are caused by toxins and as a consequence a lack of nutrition occurs other illness due to toxins building up in the body.

You may hardly feel toxicity build up for example, we’eve had people who have had heavy metals and xylene tested but have been unaware of what its doing.

On the other hand if you have definite symptoms but don’t realize whats causing the problem this seminar will help you.

If you have a  lack of energy or zest for life, headaches, foggy brain, skin problems, digestive problems, joint and muscle problems and more serious problems like autoimmune diseases and various cancers it may be toxins causing the problem.

If you want to invest in a healthier future and age in a healthy way and have a better quality of life this seminar will be invaluable.

The knowledge is suitable for any age as a research friend of my recently detected over 200 chemicals in the umbilical cord in a newborn baby.


Some helpful hints to start with

  • Avoid plastic bottles, they contain harmful BPA. Use stainless steel of glass bottles instead 
  • Use natural make-ups, soaps and shampoos
  • Ventilate your house and leave your window open at night as most homes have toxins from furniture, carpets, paints and building materials
  • A fan in the home is a good ionizer 
  • Avoid margarine and hydrogenated oils. These are 1 molecule away from plastic and harmful to your health. Animals have a natural instinct, try this: put a saucer of butter and a saucer of margarine outside, insects will not touch the margarine!

Join Michele for a free seminar ’10 steps to getting toxins out of your body and avoiding them’ for anti-ageing, productivity and longevity.

On Saturday 12th July at 1:30pm-3:00pm Michele will give you a wake up call that could make a positive impact to your life. If you want a better quality of life for you and your family this seminar is a must.

As an international author, Michele will embellish on health gems in her book ‘Digestive solutions’. Michele is committed to helping people get the best out of their life and getting their health on track so they can look forward to feeling full of life, youthful, do the things they love and have the confidence that they will be physically and mentally active at any age.

There are limited number of spaces and only 8 places left. Feel free to bring a friend.


For bookings email Or contact Kathleen of Melinda on 95847327 

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