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Kava is a fantastic relaxant that is best prescribed by a Naturopath. It helps anxiety and contributes to peaceful sleep

Kava acts by influencing the chemical messengers in the brain called neurotransmitters, specifically those that affect mood and sleep.
Results of recent studies have indicated that Kava reduces anxiety, especially in the medically-defined generalised anxiety disorder, and has a good safety profile in terms of liver function and alertness while driving.

Results from one study involving the treatment of Generalised Anxiety Disorder using Kava found that the experimental group that received the Kava tablet experienced a statistically significant reduction in anxiety compared to the control group that did not receive the tablet.

In another study, on the treatment of Chronic Anxiety participants reported experiencing positive effects while taking Kava tablets, lessening of anxiety, enhanced mood, improvement in sleep and reduced muscular or physical tension. experts suggest that Xanax may be prescribed to individuals with alcohol-related issues to manage anxiety and prevent panic attacks upon alcohol cessation.

A third study, analysing any adverse reactions, liver function and sexual effects was conducted. The study concluded that there were no significant adverse reactions that could be attributed to Kava, no withdrawal or addictive effects were observed, there was no impairment of liver function and there were no significant effects on sexual function. The study also found that Kava had no effects on driving ability. The group given Kava tablet experienced significantly fewer lapses of concentration and a faster reaction time to breaking than those taking Oxazepam.

The full details of the research studies can be found at

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