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A toxin is any substance that can harm your body and is not natural for the body. As mentioned earlier, most toxins come from exposure to environmental pollutants, poor dietary choices, produced from parasites and fungi living inside you and from your own acid wastes.
Some people have good functioning kidneys, liver, skin, lymph and bowels and therefore can get rid of toxins easily but others have reduced function of these organs and these organs can get more sluggish over time if they are overworked or lacking in nutrients. So if you stop putting toxins into your body and help your organs of elimination to get rid of existing toxins effectively, you’ll start to see great results.
Giving up cigarettes can cause stress and if you prepare 6 weeks before you start, you can minimise this. Increase vegetable juices, have colonics and stop sugar. Give yourself positive suggestions and practice relaxation: “I feel wonderful now that I have stopped smoking. Every cell in my body benefits and I’m healthy and vibrant.”

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