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If you feel like the bottom is coming out of your world have a colonic and the world will come out of your bottom!

There are several options for cleansing the colon which include herbal laxatives, diatomaceous earth, psyllium, bentonite clay, oxygen based cleansers, fibre supplements, enemas, colemas and colonic hydrotherapy. The last 3 are mechanical ways of cleansing the colon using specialised equipment and they are administered rectally.

Regular colon cleansing gives the colon a spring clean and it is also useful for toxic build up on the colon wall and for constipation.

Enemas have been used for centuries and nowadays generally consist of a 2 litre bag for water and a tube which can be easily inserted by yourself at home. The downside with enemas is that they just clean the lower part of the colon but they can be very effective for the relief of constipation. The upside is that a variety of substances can be put into an enema and these can have beneficial effects. Enemas are also very portable and easy to administer. I suggest doing enemas after a colonic hydrotherapy as a colonic  cleanses the bowel more thoroughly. By doing this, the substance in the enema can travel further around the bowel and do its job of cleansing e.g. coffee, garlic or chlorophyll.

Colonic hydrotherapy is also known as colonics and colonic irrigation. It’s an amazing method of cleansing the whole of the large intestine using purified water. It gently cleanses your rubbish out and is rather like soaking clay off a pipe. It is safe and effective and not nearly as intimidating as it sounds. It is best to have a therapist with you throughout the treatment and for most people it is painless.

Closed method

You are covered up throughout the treatment and a small disposable speculum is inserted into the anus with lubrication; this then attaches to disposable tubing and a glass viewing tube. The colonic therapist then adjusts the water pressure and temperature to suit each individual need, bearing in mind the pressure never goes over a certain marker. In this way the water works with the bowel muscle and water is only put into the person until it meets a blockage or the bowel wants to push material out. Everything is enclosed within pipes, so there is no odour. The bowel is cleansed and the muscles are also strengthened. The water going into the person is separated from the waste matter coming out to avoid contamination. The therapist is with you throughout the treatment giving you abdominal massage and adjusting the machine to suit your needs. This ensures there is duty of care and offers comfort to the client.

Treatment of acne requires persistence, patience, and will. All these things are not my strong points, so as soon as I started the therapy, I began looking for groups of support where I could find someone who understood my feelings. became the service where I found not only people to support me but also tons of useful skincare recommendations.

The environment is healthy and there are no smells as everything goes out through tubes. The therapist is able to see what comes out and gives feedback information about the client’s digestion. The client can also view waste matter leaving their body. In some cases the therapist may ask the client to have stool or other tests done if they suspect something needs attention. The treatment lasts about 45 minutes and afterwards any remaining matter will come out when you are sitting on a toilet. The quality of the treatment depends obviously on the expertise of therapist and the quality of the machine. After trying all the methods of colonics I decided to train in this method as I think it gives the most benefit. I have been practicing and training people in colonics since 1992 and have never seen any grave dangers with this method. You want to be sure that your therapist is well trained, knows when to refer you to a specialist and will not overdo or under do treatments that are needed.Closed method colonic machine picture (ch 10)For more information on top tips for your digestion see my book Digestive Solutions-101 proven methods to solve your tummy problems naturally’. 324 pages jam packed with information to greatly enhance your health and vitality



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