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A tip for alkalising your body


Many people ask how lemons which are highly acidic outside of the body can be alkaline inside the body. Well, they contain citric acid which is a “weak” acid, meaning once it’s done its job in providing energy in metabolism it’s eliminated easily via sweat and respiration. The acid easily dissolves and alkalising minerals are left which neutralise body acids. It is alkaline forming because it stimulates the formation of calcium carbonate in the body. Calcium carbonate (a buffer solution) then neutralises the “strong” acids in the body, acids that can only be got rid of through urination, including uric acid which is the end result of protein metabolism. 

In fruits like lemons and limes the mineral content is also taken into consideration, and lemon is high in buffering alkaline minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, so after the citric acid has done its job and is easily eliminated, you are left with a very alkaline ash (end product) from the fruit. These buffering minerals (sodium is also alkalising but not in refined salt) help sponge the corrosive effects of acids in the body and interestingly, acidic foods like oranges don’t have strong alkalising effects because of the sugars (acid) which offset the high level of minerals. In fact, lemons are not alkaline but they have an alkalising effect on the body.


Be careful of your teeth as lemons are acid in your mouth but when they reach your small intestine they become alkaline. All you have to do is swish your mouth with fresh water after consuming lemon and spit it out. This will protect your tooth enamel.

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Taken from ‘Digestive solutions-101 proven methods to solve your tummy problems naturally’


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