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Saunas are wonderful for detoxification. It is best to go into a far infrared sauna as these have
more power at pulling out toxins like heavy metals. They are more economical and induce 2-3
times more sweat than other saunas and were first developed in Japan. They help pump out
toxins at a cellular level rather than through the blood. These saunas pull out toxins that are 1½
inches deep and stored in fat. Pesticides, plasticisers and some pharmaceuticals are man-made
chemicals which the body can struggle to get rid of. They are fat soluble and are largely stored
in the fatty tissue under the skin. Saunas have been proven to be very effective in removing
these types of toxins. As you sweat you will release toxins from your skin and lymph. It is ideal
to have one every day during detoxification. Make sure you drink plenty of filtered water to stop
dehydration and to replace the water you lose. If you have a medical condition that is affected
by heat like high blood pressure, menopause and adrenal exhaustion, avoid saunas.
Ideally stay in the far infrared sauna for 45 minutes if you can, at 50°C. If you exercise beforehand
it helps mobilise the toxins even more. These saunas substantially increase lymphatic drainage.
Make sure you towel off or shower to prevent toxins reabsorbing.
Drink ½ a litre of water before you go into the sauna and keep up electrolytes lost in sweating
with coconut water, or adding a teaspoonof celtic salt to a litre of water or a more pleasant
vegetable juice.
Make sure your mineral content is high before and after the sauna e.g. vegetables juices.sauna

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