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Why detoxify and what are the challenges?

pain free detox

Keeping your digestion healthy and staying healthy can be a challenge in the modern world.

Your body has a natural ability to get rid of harmful substances through your organs which

include the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract (stomach and bowel) and the skin. Sometimes
the demand on these organs is too much. With modern lifestyles you are exposed to a lot
of toxins, for example through food (like additives, preservatives, colouring, processed and
junk foods), drink (like alcohol and soft drinks), cigarettes, recreational drugs, medical drugs,
environmental pollutants (including car fumes, heavy metals and pesticides) building materials
in your home, electromagnetic radiation, cleaning products and make-up.
Your body was not designed to cope with the abundance of toxins that are now part of modern
lives. A French scientist Dr. Alexis Carrell kept chicken heart cells alive for more than 27 years
through a program that fed the cells nutrients and cleansed cellular waste. They only died when
his successor stopped cleansing the cells. This shows that both cleansing and proper nutrition
can aid longevity and vitality.
Toxins not only come from your external environment, they can also be generated in your body
from stress, unfriendly bacteria in the gut, yeasts and parasites in your digestive system. These
internally generated toxins can be absorbed into your bloodstream affecting your health and
energy. An important strategy for a long healthy life is regular cleansing and nutrition to fuel
your detoxification.
Most of us will be lacking in essential nutrients to aid detoxification and sometimes the body
just can’t keep up; it gets tired and weary. In 3 generations we have lost 80% of the nutrition in
soil and have processed nutrients out of foods.
Sometimes you may push your body with excess work, or overload it with junk food but
eventually your body becomes run-down and you can end up with chronic or acute illnesses.
Both to prevent and treat illness we can all benefit from a detoxification program.
When you see a qualified health practitioner they will usually do tests on your organs and
design a program for you which can include herbs, homeopathy and nutrients. There are many
detoxification programs and it can be confusing to know which one to do. I wouldn’t advise
anyone to go out and buy herbal products; it is best to do that with someone who knows their
stuff. What I will give you are simple safe ways you can detox at home with diet and lifestyle
techniques to help you feel younger and more alive however, if you have a medical condition
get advice from your health practitioner first.
More energy is involved in the process of your body detoxing than any other process in the body
and your body has to do this on a daily basis. By giving the digestive system a rest, your body
is able to utilise energy more effectively for getting rid of unfriendly toxins. A detox is needed
to increase longevity and achieve quality of life.

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