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Role of minerals

The role of minerals is vitally important for health and a lack of them contributes to every disease. Pollution, poor soil quality, stress and acidic diets are some reasons why so many people have a lack of minerals.

  • They help build teeth, bones, connective tissue and cell membranes.
  • All bodily processes depend on the action minerals.
  • They help pH as enzymes transform minerals into an alkalising detoxifying agent which combines with acid waste and toxic settlements within the body, neutralising them and preparing them for elimination.

The effects of food on your body

If you have poor liver and pancreatic function then this will lead to your food being poorly broken down, poor absorption and poor bowel movement. At the same time, if you are eating poorly farmed foods, processed foods, chemicals, irradiated food and foods that have had a long transportation time more minerals will be lost. A 4 year study in the U.S shows a decrease in minerals on farms with standard agricultural practices. This includes a decrease of 41% calcium, 22% magnesium and 28% potassium. In contrast, other studies show a much higher mineral content in organic fruit and vegetables.

How to stop destroying minerals in your body

  • Eat until you are comfortable rather than overeating.
  • Eat slowly and chew well.
  • Sit for 10 minutes after eating and sit down to eat.
  • Avoid toxins like cigarettes, coffee and tea (especially around meals).
  • Avoid refined food like sugar and white flour.
  • Avoid chemicals in your food and water.
  • Some drugs can affect mineral balance.
  • Avoid eating when you are stressed.
  • Foods higher in potassium, calcium and magnesium (vegetables, seaweed) have an alkalising effect.
  • Foods higher in protein and phosphorus (meat) have an acidic effect and eating vegetables with protein helps offset this effect

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