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Coconut oil has a huge number of benefits. Dr. Mary Enig is also an expert on fats especially coconut oil and her leading book about coconut oil and weight loss is, Eat fat lose fat. It has been shown to help with many health related problems including thyroid, candida, digestive disorders (it kills pathogens associated with diarrhoea), parasites, weight loss, melanoma, diabetes and energy increase.

Coconut oil is a saturated fat but unlike other saturated fats has medium chain fatty acids which don’t stress the pancreas or liver and they are not stored as fat but sent directly to the liver where they are converted to energy. This fat keeps you full but doesn’t put on weight. You can add a tablespoon to your porridge, cook with it, mix it with plain yogurt, use it as butter, add a tablespoon to hot water or drink it for energy.

Coconut oil contains lauric acid which boosts the immune system. Lauric acid is part of breast milk and protects against pathogens.
When coconut oil became cheap in the U.S. pig farmers used it to fatten their pigs but instead of fattening them they became more lean!

Cooking with unsaturated oils can cause cross-linking of molecules, fragmentation and all kinds of molecular damage that is much worse than trans-fats. Coconut oil withstands high heat and gives you health benefits however, you still need other oils for other benefits like omega 3 and vitamin E.

Taken from ‘Digestive Solutions – 101 proven methods to solve your tummy problems naturally’ By Michele Wolff

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