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This is a very simple process that I have called body, mind awareness and is as I taught some of you in our evening workshop. It can be done by anyone at anytime. It is best if practised daily, takes about 5 minutes and will usually lead to you feeling much calmer, better and more integrated.

To start:

  1. Choose a time, I find early morning is best for me, however I have also used it at other times especially if stressed or if something isn’t working for me.
  2. Choose a place, bedroom is ok, best to be where you wont be disturbed.
  3. Choose a position, sitting or lying comfortably.
  4. Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing.
  5. Pay attention to your body, call light to your body and notice where your attention is drawn.
  6. Notice that part of your body and the feeling that it holds eg: heavy, name that feeling and thank that part of your body eg: shoulders for sharing with you that they are carrying that heavy for you.
  7. Call light to those shoulders or whichever part of your body that it is.
  8. Let them know that you are ready to let go of that heavy now.
  9. Imagine that light flowing all through those shoulders.
  10. Thank those shoulders for everything that they do for you, elaborate eg: for the burdens that they have carried, for the tensions they have held etc.
  11. Thank them for being your shoulders.
  12. Notice any response that is happening with the shoulders, thank them for that response eg: thank you for knowing how to let go etc.
  13. Get a sense of anything else that the shoulders may want. Call more light or send love to those shoulders.
  14. You may find that your attention then shifts to some where else in your body. Allow the shift to happen naturally. As the body learns to trust you and to know that you are listening, more and more will come up. Allow it.
  15. If you find that it is too much ring me and we can do a phone session.
  16. Experience shows that the body will only bring up the smaller things first or the most pressing things to see if you can handle those before it will bring up anything else.
  17. Then progressively go through your body thanking it for all the support that it has given you over the years, for all of the pleasure that it has given you, for all the places that it has taken you.
  18. Then begin to focus on your mind.
  19. Thank your mind for everything that it does to protect you.
  20. Thank it for it’s intelligence, it’s quickness, its smartness.
  21. Thank it for being your mind.
  22. Call light to that mind.
  23. Just sit quietly while this all happens. Notice the feeling of it.
  24. Call light to your body and mind. Just allow it to flow.
  25. Know that your body is there to support you, your mind is there to serve you. Ideally they will both work together with you on your journey through life.

This is a simple practice, that is best done daily and yet can be done at anytime. If anything comes up that you find difficulty in handling call to make a time for a phone consultation or see your local body mind emotion person to help you resolve any issues that arise.

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